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With the Business World increasingly driven by the internet it is sometimes difficult to understand how a retailer that is not online based can keep up with the force of ecommerce.

Eighty five percent of consumers state they still prefer to shop in physical stores rather than over the internet, they want to be able to touch and see their choice of product but most of all they want to have human interaction with a customer services department with any issues they may have.  The trick is finding a balance between online ordering simplicity with great customer service.

This online trading company chose to print their Customer Review Leaflets with AGC even though there Business is internet driven.  It goes to show that being able to discuss your product with an account manager concerning price, stock and artwork makes the client feel they have a better level of control over their product.

There is no doubt that E Commerce adds simplicity to your ordering experience but what if you require a product that isn’t standard, what if you aren't sure of the kind of product you need for your promotional needs or even how to produce a design that will capture your clients?

Why us, why AGC Print Solutions?  Because we provide a personal service, we have experts with over 20 years print and marketing experience that can help evolve your print and design needs in a cost effective manner and with the best impact.  We have quality control by humans not computers and dedicated account managers that walk you through your print order from conception to completion.  By talking to an expert we can help you develop the right product for you and with many online ecommerce retailers you won’t receive this service.

For advice on how to take control of your print call Alan or Charlotte now on         0115 9987 388 or email us at     



Spot the Difference

When you want to add interest and a perception of quality to a printed item why not use Spot UV?

This is a print process where a glossy varnish is added to specific areas of a pre-printed page. it is commonly used to highlight photographs or a logo, making the area varnished stand out as it catches the light differently from the rest of the page.

The UV stands for ultra-violet as ultra-violet light is used to “cure” the varnish so that it dries almost instantly.

One of the most prestige finishes to a brochure is to apply a matt laminate to the printed sheet first and then a spot UV on top of this in a pattern or logo. The effect is striking and normally used to create an impression of luxury and high quality. The printed sheet can be in a single colour, back for example so that the varnished pattern or words or your logo really stands out from the background.

Spot UV can also be very effective on a business card as it alters the feel as well as the look of the card.

Your artwork needs to be set up specially for spot UV, so it is usually best to ask a professional graphic designer to prepare the effect for you. We can help with this and can design your business card or brochure for you to make the best of this special effect.

Call us now and we can arrange to meet and discus your ideas 0115 9390 888.

A cut above the rest - Don’t be square!

Die cutting is a print finishing technique to add a special effect to a brochure, flyer or business card, Die cutting is where a printed item is cut out in a unique shape rather than just a simple rectangle.


Square corners are square! Give your business card or your corporate stationary rounded corners and it will stand out as different and individual. This is where a pre-printed letterhead or comp slip posted out scores over an email.


The shape can be part of the item’s function such as the hanger design in the photo above.


For direct marketing, a specific shape adds a novelty value, and makes the mail piece more eyecatching and memorable. When you need to stand out from other items that fall through the letterbox a different shape will put you top of the pile and improve response rates to your communication message.


If you don’t have your own graphic designers we also offer a graphic design service to make your brand and message stand out from your competitors.


So if you want your marketing materials to be a cut above the rest, why not think about a design that is shaped to your advantage?